Marine and Offshore Drilling Recruitment

  • The offshore and marine recruitment process is a bit tough nowadays and it is not a part of mainstream recruitment, marine and offshore drilling have many positions that candidates get attracted to. The pay is good and the jobs associated with this field are very interesting. Drill ships, jack-up rigs, semi-submersible drilling rigs, underwater oil andamp; gas mines, etc. have a lot of job opportunities. Temporary, permanent, and contractual jobs in marine, rigging, drilling, and maintenance are available most of the time.

    New Life Way is a manpower recruitment company that works with reputed companies in the global energy markets for Offshore and Marine Recruitment. We hire for positions starting from chief engineers to pipe fitters. These jobs involve a lot of travelling and relocation, which is why we recruit flexible candidates who can easily adapt to the environments and job responsibilities of the locations they are sent to.

    The candidates must go through the tests that are professionally designed by our recruitment experts. We provide feedback and guidance to our candidates so that they can improve their performance. Basic training is also a part of our recruitment process. Our documentation process is very smooth and hassle-free. Tailored staffing solutions, depending on your project requirements, are strategized by our recruitment team for your business growth. Our services also keep up with the market and industry standards. As one of the leading Offshore and Marine Recruitment, we recruit manpower from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Kenya, and Uganda.

    We offer our services all over the world, but especially we serve countries like Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman in the Middle East; Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Maldives, and China in the Far East and the UK, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia in the Europe Continent. The trust of our clients and more than 16 years of experience in this field have sustained and developed our business. Placing the right candidates at the right job profiles is our forte. The unmatchable and state-of-the-art services that we offer come at a very low price. Our team also respects the time frame given by you and strives to fulfil your manpower requirements within that time.

Job Profiles Provided by us for Marine and Offshore Drilling Recruitment:

    • Chief Engineer
    • Captain
    • Casing Engineer
    • Coil Tubing Engineer
    • Mud Engineer
    • Mud Logging Engineer
    • Cementing Engineer
    • Drafting Engineer
    • Blasting Engineer
    • Drilling Fluids Engineer
    • Well Servicing Engineer
    • Snubbing Engineer
    • Coating Engineer
    • Noise and Vibration Control Engineer
    • Painting Engineer
    • Safety Officer
    • Drilling Manager
    • Drilling Superintendent
    • Surveyor
    • Security
    • Paramedic/ Nurse
    • Safety and Fire Protection Staff
    • Crane Operator
    • Drilling Foreman
    • Chief Mate
    • Mate
    • Slickline Jobs
    • Drillers
    • Rig Electrician
    • Rig Welder
    • Rig Mover
    • Seaman
    • Oiler
    • Boat Driver
    • Steward
    • Derrick Man
    • Storeman
    • Pipe Fixer